Mixed Pack

$129.00 every 4 weeks

8 to 11 lbs of Meat
30 meals (6oz per meal)

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Our mixed pack offers the best of all worlds. This pack provides our customers with a¬†“holistic” Barons experience, one that takes some of the tastiest bits and pieces from each offering and brings them into one. Like our animals, variety in the human diet is just as important. For this subscription, we choose from our grass-finished beef, pastured pork and chicken, game and fish to create the most diverse nutrient profile¬†possible. If you are a little more adventurous and interested in more variety, then this pack is for you.

Recent Pack Build:
6oz Sirloin
1lb Ground Beef
4 Chorizo Sausages
1lb Ground Turkey
2 large Chicken Breasts
1lb Chicken Legs
4 Italian Pork Sausages
2lb Pork Butt Roast
1lb Coho Salmon

Total: 9lbs