Poultry and Fish

$129.00 every 4 weeks

8 to 11 lbs of Meat
30 meals (6oz per meal)

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Our grass finished beef has an extremely healthy amino acid profile, with a perfect ratio of omega 3/6’s. This ratio has been shown to decrease inflammation, improve symptoms of asthma and even reduce your risk of cancer.

These are 100% Pastured chicken and Turkey. Not like any we have seen before. When we say “Pastured” we mean really “Pastured”. Our chicken are free to *cluck* around and seek out their favorite meal of bugs, grubs, and edible flowers. Wait until you taste the difference.

Recent Pack Build:
1.5lb of Coho Salmon
1lb Halibut
2 Large Chicken Breats
1.5kg Turkey Legs
2lb Chicken Wings
2 Large Chicken Thighs

Total: 9.25lbs