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Rainer Family Farm

Rainer Family Farm is located near Barrier BC, overlooking the North Thompson River. Their animals are all raised outside on the pasture where the birds can peck, scratch, and forage for bugs. They also have access to a balanced vegetarian grain diet with no additives. Their chicken truly does taste like real chicken, once you taste it you can't go back so be careful. besides the flavor, the first thing that shocked us with Rainer Farm was their encouragement to have us on the farm. If you are at all familiar with the poultry industry, this is never the case. It is easier to get into Justin Bieber's dressing room while he is on tour than step foot in a BC poultry farm. Immediately we knew why this was the case. The chickens were out on pasture doing all sorts of "chickeny" things. Truly the way it should be done! Keep it up Rainier, you guys are pioneers in a wild industry. Let's help them, vote with your dollars by buying this product 🙂

Our Promise

  1. 100% Canadian grown vegetarian feed
  2. Feed is free of animal by-products, growth promoters or antibiotics.
  3. Three times more living space and natural daylight
  4. All day access to outdoors
  5. No medications
  6. No antibiotics
  7. No beak trimming

Their conditions

While all chickens in Canada are raised with a high standard of animal care, it is important to wade through the details to make sure you are getting the best quality meats from the healthiest animals. We have distilled some of the important terms when talkin’ turkey.. uhh chicken.

All of our chickens are certified hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. They are free range and only fed organic vegetarian food produced here in Canada.

The Buzzwords

There are a lot of terms plastered on chicken and eggs that you'll find in the grocery store. We have distilled down the most common ones.

Antibiotics - 1. Used to suppress “bad” gut flora while favoring the “good”, resulting in a bigger bird. 2. Also used to prevent and treat disease. We don’t use antibiotics due to the risk of creating antibiotic-resistant super bacteria… yikes.

Hormones and Steroids - Used to promote growth in the chickens. Only used for big commercial chicken production. We don't want any part of this method of farming.

Organic - BC organic birds are only fed organic vegetarian feed, they are given access to pesticide-free pasture for a minimum of 6 hours a day, weather permitting. We think this is the right way to do it and it’s the kind of chicken we sell.

Free Range - Poultry can graze and forage outside. Big thumbs up!

Free Run - Basically cage free but not necessarily outdoors. Not enough for us, we like outside birds.

Grain fed - All chicken are grain fed for the most part. This is a buzz word that does not really mean much.

Vegetarian Grain Fed - Feed free of animal byproducts.