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Pasture Raised Pork Bacon + Leek Skillet Recipe

Mandy has outdone herself again with this seasonal beauty. This time she made a dish with our delicious pasture raised pork bacon. This recipe is Perfect for anyone looking for a plate of healthy fats and micro-biom boosting comfort food. Let us know how this went by posting a pick of it on social and using #ShowYourSizzle. We love to see your creations!
It is extremely easy to make. Estimated time is about 10 min including prep!
Ingredients: Serves 3-4 as a side dish
  • 4 slices Barons bacon
  • 2 large leeks, washed, green stems removed and sliced
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes
  • Sprinkle dried oregano, basil, thyme, garlic powder, salt & pepper
  • Heat a frying pan over medium heat
  • Add the bacon and cook it until crispy.
  • Remove the bacon from the pan, leaving the bacon fat.
  • Add in the sliced leeks, tomatoes and seasoning and cook until the leeks and tomatoes are softened – 10-15 minutes.
  • While that’s cooking and once the bacon has cooled, chop up the bacon and add it back into the pan at the last minute.


See Mandy’s blog and original recipe on her blog here. We are so excited to be working with this amazing woman that is doing such amazing things for the food system. She runs a Holistic, nutrition based website at where she offers corporate wellness, meal plans, nutritional coaching, webinars, the list goes on. We love supporting people that are doing amazing things in this space, and are proud to have Mandy repine’ The Barons. We hope you all enjoy!

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How to stop sugar cravings and hunger with an intermittent fast

Dillon Zolnierczyk Epic Avacado

Obligatory: I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on the internet. Consult your primary care provider before making any major diet changes or beginning an intermittent fast.

How to get rid of sugar cravings

The holidays are over and the thought of eating one more Christmas tart makes you anxious and cringe. A new desire to feel healthy and normal is upon us again.

But those sugar cravings can be a nasty monkey on your back that won’t get off. If we don’t kill him now then we are sure to derail our health goals before we even begin the second week of the year.

Why do we get sugar cravings?
Sugar works on our dopamine receptors, the reward center of the brain in the same way heroin does. Being simple pleasure-seeking creatures, our brains don’t want the party to end. So it’s natural to assume that you are going to crave the foods that got those receptors firing.

Simple carbs like sugar cause blood sugar spikes followed by a blood sugar crash. This can leave you feeling lethargic and low energy. The monkey is on the hunt again.

Enter the 14-18 hour fast!

A fast may seem like torture to some but it’s the quickest way to kill that monkey for good. Recent research has shown that a fast as short as 14 hours will improve weight loss, decrease hunger cravings and eliminate blood sugar crashes.

Top 3 benefits of intermittent fasting

Promote Weight Less

Insulin is the nutrient and fat storage hormone. By keeping your blood sugar low, you keep insulin low. This results in a decrease in body fat.

Less crashing through the day

Fasting stabilizes blood sugar levels which means fewer crashes throughout your day.

Reduce hunger cravings

Low blood sugar causes sugar cravings and hunger. Hunger is a response from the body to tell you that there is something that it wants that it’s not getting. When you are in sugar burning mode, this is simple carbs and treats.

Best way to intermittent fast

Intermittent Fasting is the pain-free way of completing a fast to kick the sugar cravings. It’s as simple as eating early in the evening and little later the following day. No calories should be taking in during the fast. Tea and coffee will not affect your results.

14 hour: Stop eating by 8pm in the evening don’t eat till 10am the next day.

16 hour: Stop eating by 8pm in the evening don’t eat until Noon the next day.

18 hour (expert): Stop eating by 7pm in the evening don’t eat till 1pm the next day.

Note, if you are dying of hunger. Consuming a small amount of fat will reduce your hunger cravings without causing a blood sugar spike. A little heavy cream in your coffee or bulletproof coffee works well.

I DO NOT recommend zero-calorie sweetened beverages ever and especially during a fast.

Also, check out Cam recent post on kicking off a new years revolution.

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New Year’s Resolutions or Revolutions?

Resolutions or Revolutions?This year Dillon and I sat down and pondered the concept of New Year’s resolutions. We went over their effectiveness and over-all application in our lives. We soon got to thinking; why not flip this around and take this annual opportunity to start our own series of revolutions.

January 2nd, 2018

Fast forward to today. I was walking down the street and a reporter walked up and asked me if I had made any New Year’s Resolutions. What are the chances… I paused, waited for a moment and responded with “No, not particularly, I don’t really believe in them”. She looked at me for a split second shocked and stunned, and like any good reporter proceeded to dig a little deeper. I went on to tell her that I believe the whole year should be filled with resolutions, reflections and check-ins, and that in my opinion doing this once a year just isn’t enough to come up with anything that holds much staying-power.

The fact is that life changes, things happen and what once seemed like a high priority now, simply isn’t 3 months later. We are dynamic creatures, sometimes things change – that’s the beauty of life. I know resolutions aren’t standalone, and that there is someone reading this up in arms that I have not mentioned the word “goals” yet. Yes, goals are an amazing addition or alternative to the standard resolution, but we are thinking so much bigger.

We are thinking about something so much more powerful, something that will motivate you beyond what you ever thought possible; this is the creation of your own personal New Year’s Revolution. This is something that really stirs shit up. Something that truly gets us fired up and ready to take action at the beginning of the year.

The Revolution

So what does this look like? Maybe instead of promising ourselves that we will not use plastic 4 out of 7 days of the week, or vow to rock the ever so popular Meatless Monday, we decide to take a stand. Take a stand changing something that is bigger than ourselves and focusing our year around supporting it.  

We all know the power of running a marathon for charity, or going on a hunger strike for something we truly believe in. The finish line could be another 30 km and we would drag our battered bodies over it no matter what and that gluten free, vegan/paleo friendly, energy bar really ceases to look so appealing 3 days in to the fast when it is to bring awareness to something that hits close to home. Why not apply the same process to how we decide on the impactful initiatives we surround ourselves with and weave our resolutions in to them? Hence, starting our own personal revolutions. 

Our Impact

In 2018 let’s decide to support companies around us that are moving the needle on the things we believe in. Organizations that are making a ruckus and taking charge and leading a tribe through the initiatives we care about most. Maybe instead of watching how many plastic bags we are using this year, let’s shop at stores that ban them; and instead of cutting down on our fuel emissions by driving less, let’s support a bike company that is making bamboo frames to cut down on the reliance on fossil fuels.

Even if the goal is to cut down on the amount of protein we consume, buy your meat from a local farm, support a company that has a “ Getting More from Less” tagline (Totally a shameless plug) or get your protein from other sustainable sources like cricket protein. All these options have an immense impact on our own lives and the lives of everyone else around us. 

Regardless, our efforts and personal initiatives are amazing and so powerful. I would never belittle them, just think of what they could be with more intention. Let’s partner with organizations that have the biggest impact and most solid platforms to bring forth the change we want to see. Because ultimately, when we support companies ushering in the change we want to see in this world, we take charge in to our own hands.

This year let’s start a series of revolutions, ones that empower those in the community to chase down their dreams, strive for large-scale change and bring new intentions to this consumer world that surrounds us.

2018 is a year of impact, what revolutions will you start?

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A “Killer” Meat Business

meat business, ethical farming, pasture raised, grass-fed, grassfed, grass-finished, grass finished, ethics, meat business, farming, local, bc, Williams lake, barons of beef

What does it mean to own a meat business? What undeniable truth is that to bear.

Sometimes I lay awake at night in shock. Laying there with cold sweats and anxious thoughts. Laying there restless, knowing the undeniable reality behind owning a meat business. A truth that sits in the pit of my stomach every single day. The truth that I am invariably responsible for the death of living creatures.

As someone that studies Buddhist scripture, embraces nature at every opportunity, and cannot even bear to smoosh that terrifying little spider in the bathtub, this is a hard reality that I face every day. One that I choose to never suppress and keep at the forefront of my mind.

Starting a business is a funny sequence of events. You start with a big idea, grow the idea, get bogged down by all the little details, hire, get back to the big idea and the cycle continues. Little details can soon become big priorities that take energy away from your originally big plans. And if not carefully monitored, can alter them. 

Sometimes I am scared I have made a big mistake, that I have turned a blind eye. A mistake that so many business around me seem to make. We grab onto an idea, are influenced by it’s bias, succeed and ultimately choose to ignore it’s cause and effect. Are we just like every other meat business, yet operating in another channel? We can buy local, only sell grass-fed/finished pasture raised beef, convince farmers to grow pastured chickens and turkeys, buy heritage pigs and only ever eat meat that we personally source. Which we “think” is the right way. I can read vegan books, listen to Rich Roll’s podcast and converse with an army of plant based advocates, but will that really change and persuade the fiery passion that fills my heart and soul for my business? Or will my ego prevent the truth from being told? These are the realities I face every day, and they are hard truths.

The only answer is vigilance – we are to NEVER stop questioning what we do. As business owners, employees, activists, influencers and champions it is our duty to always question our own personal status quo and remove ourselves from our own personally conceived biases.

This realization has been a conscious shift in my own reality. Today marks the day when all this changes for me and our business. Today I CHOOSE to step outside my comfort zone, challenge my own status quo and dive deeper into the truth of our industry. Time has come to turn this industry inside out, and to show the true reality behind meat and how it is produced. To expose the flaws within all practices involved, even in our own.

I truly believe we are the best meat company in the world, and I want to be sure that this is enough. It is time for change. Today I make the choice to always stay curious and to tirelessly question my own personal biases.

Cam MacDougall

Co-Founder, Barons of Beef

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4 Holiday Gifts For the Conscious Omnivore

The passionate meat movement is upon us. People all around the world are now taking so much pride in their food, and it is awesome! It is beautiful to see this art form come back to life and flourish in the community around us. We could not be more proud to be a part of this development. As the market grows, so does the demand for tools and tricks to make the best of our protein supplies. The Barons are here to help; we have prepared a list of the most functional, best reviewed gifts for the “conscious omnivores” in your life


Meat Thermometer The perfect stocking stuffer and one of the most useful tools in the conscious omnivores kit. This is an extremely useful tool for roasts, bbq, chocolate, pretty much all things tasty. We recommend the Thermopen for it’s instant read and convenient flip design. Amazon link HERE 


Pressure Cooker Get ready for speedy deliciousness. This is the ferrari of slow cookers. The thing is 70% faster than your slow cooker, is able to remove lectins (anti-nutrient molecules that mess with the common gut) from items like beans and quinoa, and makes rice in minutes. This is a meal preppers dream. Highly recommended item right here. Amazon link HERE

The Cast Iron Skillet Perfect for the downtown apartment dweller, this pan creates an amazing charred flavour on your meat. It will last a lifetime, fits easily in any space, and adds delicious flavour to all your cooking creations. This is a must have. It is an integral part of the cooking arsenal. Amazon link HERE 


The Meat Injector Lol, that was hard to type without laughing. Now our meat is the best tasting meat in the market, we know this (Shameless plug). However, we want our customers to get crazy with their product and create delicious, mind blowing food. This totally steps your game up. Inject your favourite items with some delicious pork fat, garlic infused oil, or grassfed “compound” butter (For the Keto heads out there) and feel your taste buds pop. Amazon link HERE 



Some other great gift ideas include rub kits, bbq and paleo cookbooks, bbq tools and knives (Every chef loves an amazing knife). Cutco breaks down all the types of knives nicely on their site, check out some options HERE. We wish you the best this holiday season, happy shopping and cooking all you amazing humans!

– The Barons

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The Passion That Fuels You

Picture an ideal situation. A situation where money is not a factor, and you have the ability to do anything – anything at all. A situation where you’re thriving beyond your wildest dreams, where you wake up every day with a burning desire to create, love, and revel in absolute abundance. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Well, that situation is within reach. It is inside each and every one of us, deep in our core, stored away as our true and ultimate passion.

This is where our power lies. We can live a life that gives us true and utter fulfillment with every action we take. We can find a life that does not feel like work – where every task reminds us of why we are alive. It takes trial and error, wins, failures, smiles, and cries; it takes all of the ups and downs life throws at us every day. It’s in these trials and tribulations that we find the true essence of ourselves, the brass tax of our souls – the bare bones.

When you discover, channel, and understand your essence, you become invincible. You know that everything you do – every action, every job, every task, and all the associated outcomes – come from a place of truth to yourself and those around you. This makes work feel like a lifestyle and leisure like an extension of your (already amazing) reality. Every day, whether it’s a weekend or a weeknight, is as amazing as the previous and the next. They are all extensions of what you truly want in life. Every day is a win, and that brings immense presence into your life. This, my friends, is pure bliss.

For me, my passion lies in human optimization. My mandate in life is to help people feel their best, live their lives, and remove all self-perpetuated constraints of doubt, uncertainty or denial. I am able to channel this into our business, my coaching, relationships, family, and contributions. It makes me feel unstoppable and keeps my roadmap at the forefront of my mind. It is what gets me into flow. That flow comes with ups and downs, but endlessly hurls me towards becoming the best version of myself through helping others do the same.

There’s no magic sauce for finding your passion. However, I do have really good news. You already know it: you just have to be open to listening to yourself. Not your mind, but your heart. Practicality has a way of getting in the way – it likes to block us from entering a new level of being, one that abolishes convention and embraces uncertainty. Don’t let it.

To get started, think about what you love doing. Think about something you’re naturally good at, that doesn’t feel like work, that you could get lost in for hours while time stands still. Start there. Investigate it, live it, and let it be your guide. Ultimately, use it as your personal road map; you will find pleasure and monetization in it, I promise. Yup, that’s right – you’ll still find a way to make bank! So; time to dive deep into yourself and make it rain. Make it rain LIFE, CREATIVITY, LOVE and ABUNDANCE. Revel in it – you deserve every ounce of it. F*ck living for the weekend. Live for an abundance of life.

The Dougler

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Connection to the Source

When I dig deep down inside of myself I find truth. A truth that, at its core, desires interconnectivity with others. It longs for relationships, understanding and information. It’s a deep-rooted desire unsatisfied by anything but true connection and bliss. Whether we find that connection in the soft touch of warm sand on our feet, another human’s embrace, an animal’s love, or the ocean breeze in our hair, we long for it. This is what we need for the feeling of connection. Connection to the core. Connection to the world around us.

Our desire for connection does not stop at our core, either. It comes into everything we do, say, take part in and even consume. We live in an amazing time: technology, human advancement and opportunity is at an all-time high. We’re presented with the most amazing possibilities, and we’re connected to so much more than we ever thought possible. Still – are we taking it all in? Are we missing something?”

This becomes obvious when we look at the current food system. We see a system that has us so removed from the organic processes behind the cultivation and harvesting of our food. Food now embodies some sort of machinist manifestation, from the Styrofoam packaging to the cold, sterile processing facilities. The system commodifies everything associated with it; it removes all of the dirt and grit that fuels, nourishes and produces food in the first place. We’ve forgotten our roots.

This industrialization process has led to a common dysfunction in all of us, and keeps us at arm’s length from the processes that produce our food. This has ultimately lead to efficient, but unethical (and detrimental) practices that if displayed to the public would be abolished and demonized. There are various reasons for these practices, but their underlying fuel is human consumption.

With a disconnection from the source, our consumption goes unchecked. We see food as a commodity, a production line, and forget all of the energy, resources and life that go into each and every bite. We take it for granted, waste it, and abuse it. That needs to change.

Food production and consumption has moved from a beautiful, harmonized system of organic to organic, to a process of organic to machine to organic and back. We now live in a world where there are always barriers between us and the source.

No wonder we feel so disconnected from it all. No wonder dietary illness and obesity are on the rise, every year. We truly have no guidance or love for our food, because we’re so detached. “We’re all searching for connection, but we’re starved of that crucial relationship between humans and food.”

The answer is simple: take back the power. Learn about your food, source your food. Never turn a blind eye to buzzwords or food fads and trends. Know your farmer, know your suppliers, know your food. We can fight this. We can create innovation that brings us closer to our food, instead of farther away. We can push back on accepting diabetes and heart disease as inevitable outcomes. We can change.

I am now beyond fired up now and am going to go change some lives. Let’s get after it!!

The Dougler

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A Poultry Problem

Greetings Barons Nation,

Cam and I have been hard at work trying to lock down more poultry suppliers. It has been a real challenge trying to find producers who are raising chicken properly, who can also keep up with our demand. Pasture raised poultry in BC is a funny business.

Say you had a little plot of land in Abbotsford and wanted to grow some chicken to sell. The BC Chicken Marketing Board states that you are only allowed to sell 2000 birds per year. This may seem like a lot of birds, but by the end of the year, after you have paid for feed and processings, you definitely are not going to be taking any Alaskan cruises.

The following year you want to grow more birds so you can save up for that cruise. However, to grow more than 2000 birds you need to increase your quote with the BC Chicken Marketing Board. You can apply to the BC Chicken Marketing Board “New entrants” program, which is currently not accepting new applicants, or you can buy quota from other farmers on a secondary market.

The current rate for one addition quota (grow 1 additional bird per year) is around $135 dollars. Which when you do the math, with a generous 50% profit margin, puts the break even at just over 7 years for the investment. This is not the kind of math that works for a small farmer.

We are currently working with many small producers to piece together the stock we need to fill our demand. Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience.

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What does it mean to “Eat with intention”?

Why eat food? What value does it bring to us as a community, human beings or environment? What about food fascinates you? It’s taste, nutrition, look, feel? When was the last time you even thought about this?

I am going to paint a picture for you. I am no Bob Ross, so please humor me. We now live in a time of high expectations, technological demands, and a common dysfunction believing that we are at the mercy of time. These factors have now led to a lifestyle that keeps us in a persistent state of hustle and bustle. It has also presented companies with amazing business opportunities to deliver simplicity, at a large cost. What could be better than a consumer, exhibiting an insatiable appetite for things, with a short, “squirrel chasing” attention span? Queue the Pink Floyd!

So, what is the result? Fast food options, grab-and-go business models, and efficiency that on the surface seem to enhance our lives. But this is the most obvious version of something “looking too good to be true”. What is the true cost of these inherent conveniences? I guarantee you that the Dollar Menu Cardiac Buster Burger Meal is not capturing it. What are we losing in this process? How is this affecting us on a communal, spiritual and/or physical level? In a time where saying hi to your busy neighbor or a stranger on the street is met with a crooked head and confused face or nothing at all, being in the moment and appreciating the small things has disappeared. And marketers know this. Subsequently, along with human interaction, culture and food are suffering as well. Not only are we losing touch with one another, but we are losing touch with our food sources and our bodies. Don’t you find it interesting that along with all of these technological advancements, 5 of the most common causes of death in North America are now nutritionally derived? Hm. Weird.

Now it is not all doom and gloom, amazing things always come from places of dysfunction. We are at a pivotal time right now where the community is presented with an opportunity to take charge. It is time to grab the bull by the horns, pay attention to everything going on around us and be mindful of what we stuff down the gullet. Weird thought right!?

Where do we even start you ask? We live in a time where nutritional information has become as noisy as the tabloids and as fake as the Kardashians (Sorry Kim). In a world where advertisements like “Gluten Free” are found on bottled water, you start to wonder how navigating this mess could even be possible. I hear you, it is a mess and marketers know this. They are smart. However, we are all provided with the most powerful tool of all… And that is a choice. A choice that requires some vigilance, but once harnessed is unshakable. A choice that we have as humans to actively take charge and educate ourselves on this mayhem. I don’t know about you guys, but my body is my only vehicle to experience this amazing thing called life, and before worrying about buying a Ferrari I want to make sure that my system is firing on all cylinders. Disclaimer: I am way too broke for even a Camry, but you get my point 😛

Now I am going to give you the biggest secret of all, so get ready to be WOWed. It is BIG news. Here it is… The answer – is to eat with intention. That is it. Now before you get in a hissy fit and curse my name for wasting 15 minutes of your time, give me a moment to break it down for ya. When you are driving around and the tummy starts grumbling, the traffic flares up and you haven’t eaten in 6 hours, the stoked might be pretty low… Actually, it might be depleted and your diva self might be out in FULL effect snapping their fingers and bobbing their head. Sound familiar? Sounds a bit like a snickers commercial right!? Almost like they captured that perfectly… Weird 😝 At this point in time, what becomes your primary objective? With Terminator-like precision, your only objective is to relieve the unwanted feeling of hunger. Which seems like a normal reaction, but this is a pivotal moment. If your only intention is to suppress your hunger you are down for the count. Embrace the fast food train baby, because it’s comin’ for ya. And guess what, next stop coronary bypass central. I kid, but not really. The motive behind why we eat is absolutely everything. If it is to quickly relieve yourself from an unwanted feeling, results may vary. However, if it’s to fuel your lifestyle, keep you doing the things you love, help you live a longer life, help the environment, make you into a super human or any other amazing reasons we eat, then you might reconsider. You might pause, re-assess and chose to avoid that quick trip down high fructose corn syrup lane and hold off until you can get yourself to a more wholesome meal.

Not only have you now prevented a nutritional blackout, but you have empowered yourself to take charge and flip a polite bird to the barrage of marketing mumbo jumbo, diet fads and fast food alternatives getting blasted into your eye holes all day. Not to mention you didn’t pay $10 for gluten free water. This is such an amazing moment because you have taken control of your palette, made a conscious decision and owned it. It really is as simple as that.

On a serious note, the food industry is getting out of hand. And the honest truth is that the companies are too big and the systems too strong to be influenced on a corporate or political level. However, where YOU can make a difference is where you spend your money. If money starts leaving the pockets of large food monopolies and into those of small producers doing it the right way, then you are voting with your dollars. This is truly the only way to fix a broken system, one that we all rely on so much.

To recap. Figure out why you eat; understand it, write it down, hang it on your wall, feel it and harness that decision. This will keep you honest and prevent you from a smorgasbord of late night snacks, convenient treats and rubber glove treatments from your local MD. You got this, let’s take control of our diets, change the way we eat and once again gain control of our decisions about food.

With healthiest intentions,

The Barons

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Us vs. Them

You against me, me against you, us versus them. All of these positions seem to be the way of the world these days. But I sit here puzzled, perplexed almost, none of this makes sense. Regardless of the issue; peace in the Middle East, Controversy in American Politics, or Animal Rights, idealism does not seem to get us any closer to solving our planets greatest challenges, it just seems to widen the divide. So why all the rage?

In the beginning

3 years ago, when Dillon and I decided to start a meat company we knew what we were getting in to. Setting up shop in an industry ripe with controversy, deceit and secrecy we were very aware of what was in store for us. However, no one can be fully prepared. To this day, we are shocked at some of the strategies, violence and anger we come across on a weekly basis. Items ranging from ignorant animal cruelty all the way to activist anger and abuse towards allies in the same fight.  In the past 4 years, we have been targets of anger and accusation by conventional farmers, stiff armed out of conventional storage facilities as well as implicitly and explicitly called murderers, Satanists and a handful of other 4 letter friend getters by the activist community. Talk about being stuck in the middle. What we did not know, however, is how all of these situations and experiences would shape our views on the world and conflict resolution. Especially when it came to our own business and values. These realizations have helped mold our business in to one of strong morals, guiding beliefs and unwavering quality and process standards.

Where we are now

To paint a bit of a picture for you, I am sitting at my dinning room table writing this blog post on my lap-top, a vegetarian dinner to my left and a copy of Richard Oppenlander’s Food Choice and Sustainability on my right, while receiving various messages from the animal rights community making claims against my ethics, morality and overall judgement as a human-being. It would appear from my present situation, that I seem to have more in common with a vegan than I do a conventional meat eater or company. I am concerned about the care and treatment of animals, I believe the world needs to drastically reduce its consumption of meat, I too believe that our modern diet is making us sick, and finally I care about the planet and what it looks like for our children’s children… Are we not trying to fight the same fight? Do we not uphold many of the same values?

I have spent the last year familiarizing myself with the vegan argument. I have read novels from Richard Oppenlander, watched Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives as well as spoken with various vegans and vegetarians, many of which are friends and family. I won’t lie to you, many of their arguments are valid. I do not agree with every one of them, but they do know their stuff and I respect them with all of my heart. What I find interesting is that, when it comes to ethics and sustainability we desire the same outcomes. We want animals to enjoy their lives, live how they have evolved to live, eat how they have evolved to eat and express themselves as the amazing creatures that they are. It truly is beautiful to share these feelings and emotions with so many amazing people. But as you are well aware, there are some major differences beyond these similarities where we cannot find common ground.

The great divide

It is not all unicorns and rainbows when it comes down to this controversial topic. Where we do not seem to find any common ground is on the topic of health and consumption. Therein lies our true battle, the battle of “my” diet vs. “yours”. With diets these days, there seems to be a common thread that one diet suits all. This is not a realistic argument though, this statement cannot be made between; alkaline and paleo, high carb and low carb, or even between vegan and meat eater. What works for one doesn’t always work for the other, there are too many variables at play. Some humans have a genetic predisposition to eat a plant based diet and can excel in that lifestyle. Some of my favorite examples are Rich Roll and Kendrick Farris, but these humans are the exception, not the rule. Whether it is problems with protein synthesis, sensitivity to legumes or supplementation, anemia or a host of other characteristics of our individual metabolism, a “one diet suits all” position is not the answer. So how do we deal with this issue? If someone is eating animal protein and their health is failing because of it, stop eating animal protein. If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet, and your health is failing stop doing it. If you choose to avoid meat for ethical reasons, that is your choice. You have the power to choose and we totally respect and encourage that. In adding to this, if your health improves and there aren’t any effects on your quality of life, great! This is a win-win situation. But before pushing it on others, remember not everyone is the same.

Common ground

So where does this take me? It is quite simple actually, maybe it’s just that WE NEED BOTH. Instead of us vs. them maybe we should highlight the benefits of both arguments. Maybe our goal should be to bring thought leaders and educated people from both sides together to educate, empower and support the mainstream consumer. Giving them the power to make informed conscious decisions that help both us, and the planet. Maybe instead of this “me vs. you” strategy, the current playing field should be one of collaboration, not competition. The facts are simple, there are currently 7.5 billion humans living on earth. In the next 33 years, this number is expected to reach upwards of 9.7 billion. It would appear to me that on a global scale we have a population and consumption problem. Mindless consumption spanning across all industries (Food, Fossil Fuels, Apparel etc..) is leading to a lack of consumer knowledge and transparency, therefore there is no incentive for companies to avoid being deceitful. Why you might ask? Because plain and simply most of the population is too busy, are not specialists, are fed numerous bouts of marketing mumbo jumbo, or simply aren’t paying attention. But can you really blame them, when getting truthful, valuable information is so hard to come by? I don’t know about you, but I think it is time to inform, educate and bring people together to make the right decisions. Decisions that bring us closer together, not pull us apart. Decisions that solve problems, not exacerbate them. Think about how strong we are together, think about how much energy could be put towards achieving a common goal, instead of keeping a narrow focus on one that is fragmented and bias. Maybe it is a dream, but dreams have to start somewhere don’t they…

A true understanding

Honestly when it comes to the Vegan, Vegetarian or Pastured meat debate, Dillon, myself and The Barons respect everyone’s values, opinions and expressions. They keep us grounded and vigilant in our own practice. I am grateful for the Animal Rights activists for keeping me on the ball, making me second guess my decisions and bring passion, love and sincerity to a roughneck industry that has become a product of it’s immense growth and influence. It is only through this passion, love and sincerity that we will rally as informed buyers and demand change. Change that will bring us closer to achieving our goals of sustainable practices, reducing methane and carbon emissions, drastically reducing the number of animals slaughtered every year, cutting down on land and water use, saving our oceans and improving the health of each and every one of you. Those are some pretty lofty goals, doesn’t it seem more effective to put all of our energy towards those things, instead of driving it into cyber attacks, rallies, defensive strategies, public relations plans, ignorance and hate for one another? As one of few meat company’s world wide that advertises to “eat less meat” as well as actively advocates for more expensive protein, we say let’s collaborate. Let’s beat this thing together, not bury the real problems under hate, ignorance and bias. We truly believe that together we could achieve so much more. This world is full of beautiful, amazing, smart and talented humans, there isn’t anything we can’t achieve when we come together. So… let’s get to work!

Our thoughts and opinions,

Cam and Dillon

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