About The Barons

Our Why

We believe in a simpler time when animals thrived and humans worked hard for the protein they ate. We feel that the food system has sped up too much, and that we are drifting far away from a beautiful process designed by nature and evolution. When animals are healthy, expressing themselves as nature intended and living a stress-free life, they product the highest quality meat in the world. When humans consume this meat, like the animals that provide it, we thrive. #WeAreWhatWeEat


Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce the amount of meat consumed in North America, and increase the overall vitality of all of our customers. We embody a "Get More From Less" modo in our messaging and are here to help our community understand that quality does matter. That by eating a diet with less meat, and more nutrients, we will not only enhance our own longevity and vitality, but preserve the beauty that surrounds us every single day. Our hope is to empower our customers to make informed purchase decisions, feel great, look amazing and embody an intentional lifestyle that fills them with fulfilment.

Our Difference

We are making a difference in the local community by banning together with small farms and processors around BC to build something bigger than ourselves. We are building a tribe of likeminded, "change-making", farmers and customers that together are building systems to better our commercial and natural environments. Using the support and guidance from our customers, we gain bargaining power and the ability to influence the direction of the collective as a whole. An influence that empowers us to create a farming system that is "more than organic", "beyond pastured" and as close to "wild" as possible. 

Our Cause

We are here to stir sh*t up in an industry ripe with iron curtains, marketing buzz words and controversy. We are here to tell a story, expose the grit and bring intention and education back in to the food system. We turn over rocks, have the tough talks, and endlessly search for new ways to find a deepened perspective. We are the meat industry "renegades" and change-makers that believe in bringing power back to the consumer and taking charge of our own health and well-being. Support is everything, without our customers voting with their dollars our message its not heard. We are always looking for new members of our tribe, help us bring forth the change we all truly desire.