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A Poultry Problem

Greetings Barons Nation,

Cam and I have been hard at work trying to lock down more poultry suppliers. It has been a real challenge trying to find producers who are raising chicken properly, who can also keep up with our demand. Pasture raised poultry in BC is a funny business.

Say you had a little plot of land in Abbotsford and wanted to grow some chicken to sell. The BC Chicken Marketing Board states that you are only allowed to sell 2000 birds per year. This may seem like a lot of birds, but by the end of the year, after you have paid for feed and processings, you definitely are not going to be taking any Alaskan cruises.

The following year you want to grow more birds so you can save up for that cruise. However, to grow more than 2000 birds you need to increase your quote with the BC Chicken Marketing Board. You can apply to the BC Chicken Marketing Board “New entrants” program, which is currently not accepting new applicants, or you can buy quota from other farmers on a secondary market.

The current rate for one addition quota (grow 1 additional bird per year) is around $135 dollars. Which when you do the math, with a generous 50% profit margin, puts the break even at just over 7 years for the investment. This is not the kind of math that works for a small farmer.

We are currently working with many small producers to piece together the stock we need to fill our demand. Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience.