The Barons has been acquired by Meatme

 The Legacy Continues!!!
Beginning June 2018, Barons will be passing the torch to our good friends and long time rivals Meatme!
We would like to take a moment to acknowledge each and every one of you for taking so much care in your health, the welfare of animals and small farms in BC. Dill and I are so stoked that you all continue to believe in us, and truly helped us build something amazing. We are so excited to see Meatme take over the operations and grow this thing into what it truly deserves.
Starting in June, The Barons Of Beef will be run under the Meatme brand.
Cam will also be doing a Facebook live to address any questions the community might have on Monday the 14th at 7 pm.
In health & wellbeing
Cam & Dill